WARNING: CertSearch Promotes China-Led Bogus ISO Certifications

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) under the leadership of Communist China has launched a new anti-American “certification lookup” scam known as “CertSearch.” An ABAC investigation has revealed that CertSearch promotes questionable ISO certificates exclusively “accredited” by and/or associated with China’s International Accreditation Forum.

The American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC), the leading independent US-focused accreditation body in the United States is warning all Pro-American businesses to avoid CertSearch as a source for looking up the validity of ISO certifications due to CertSearch being under the guidance of Communist China and under the leadership of the infamous Xiao Jianhua in Beijing, China. Further, a complaint has been filed with the State Department on Mr. Jianhua’s role in the Covid-19 outbreak believed to have “escaped” from a Wuhan Lab connected to Mr. Jianhua’s International Accreditation Forum and its signatories. Although ABAC has no reason to believe the virus was purposely released. There is evidence of a cover-up that needs to be probed, according to White House officials.

In addition, ABAC has discovered CertSearch bans pro-American businesses accredited by US-based accreditation bodies independent of China-led IAF. In short, CertSearch is attempting to create a monopoly of IAF member-body ISO certificates issued to unsuspecting American manufacturers and other businesses unaware of their registrar being under the prying eyes of the Chinese Communist Party which has a history of engaging in espionage against the United States, engaged in studies on biological warfare (according to the CIA), silenced defenders of American values, and other anti-American activities targeting our democracy.

CertSearch is nothing more than another attempt by China and its treasonous cohorts (ANSI-ANAB) in the United States to undermine American free enterprise in violation of antitrust laws in the United States. ABAC warns all pro-American patriots to avoid CertSearch as a source for so-called “valid” ISO certifications. It’s important to understand, the only certifications found on CertSearch belong to companies knowingly or unknowingly watched over by China.

WARNING: U.S. Businesses that shamelessly support IAF’s latest scam will continue to be called out by pro-Americans for condoning the actions of China’s Communist Party (CCP) which continues to steal American intellectual property, spy on American citizens, undermine our democracy, as well as censor (or imprison) anyone defending freedom and liberty over Communism. It’s clear the CCP and IAF are using CertSearch to continue its anti-American, Communist propaganda agenda. As the leading independent accreditation body in the United States, ABAC will proudly continue to expose these socialist-communist organizations and the people behind them. Video coming soon.


“Corporations like ANSI-ANAB colluding with Washington politicians have been selling out American citizens to China profiteers such as IAF for far too long. ‘We The People’ are no longer going to allow these criminals to sacrifice American lives, American jobs and American liberties for their luxurious lifestyles created from their acts of treason.” Donald LaBelle, ABAC Founder & Activist



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