The World of QMS and QMC

Every business wants to increase sales, and profit is the main goal when setting up a new company. The problem is the big numbers of competitors. In this case, what do you do? One of the things that you can do to improve you company is to get you client’s trust. Having a Quality Management System (QMS) strategy is one of the best things that you can do for your business. The problem is that you need specialized people in order to get certain quality certificates, and most of the time we cannot spare time and resources for audits or management review.

QMS and Guberman-PMC, LLC

Guberman-PMC, LLC is a specialized company meant to help you in all aspects regarding QMS. It is owned by Daryl Guberman, a Quality and Manufacturing Consultant with over 30 years of experience in the aerospace, printing fields and medical implants and materials. A QMS-specialized company can help you with the internal audits you need and the managerial reviews without any man force from your part. You will be saving time and money and get the best services.

Guberman-PMC, LLC will represent you at the customers audit committee meetings, making sure that all your strengths will be highlighted. When it comes to downsides, you can always rely on Daryl Guberman’s company to advice you in taking the best decision.

Guberman-PMC, LLC’s goals

Companies find themselves in a rough environment nowadays because of the harsh competition. One of the best ways to attract and keep clients is by offering them quality products. Guberman-PMC, LLC offers you the chance to get the proper quality certification, in order to prove that you products and services are the best.

Daryl Guberman’s company conducts high quality audits, resulting in a very efficient QMS. Also, Guberman-PMC-LLC is helping your company through a process that otherwise will cost you time, money and does not guarantee you the same good outcome.

Once the audits and management reviews are done, Daryl Guberman’s company will take this to the end, meaning that it will also represent you in front of the clients but also in front of the customer audit committees. Guberman-PMC, LLC also provides feedback for its employer, in order to increase company value, resources and most important, profit. For example, Guberman’s expertize can offer you solutions in order to adapt you products and services. This practice may come in handy while applying for certain quality certifications.

Services provided by Guberman-PMC, LLC

Whether you are interested in Medical Devices, or Aerospace Industry, Guberman-PMC, LLC can help you. Below you may find some of the Daryl Guberman’s services:

    Internal Auditing, Process and Management Analysis – as an important part of the QMS, you will come to know even better the dynamic of your company. You will know better what are its strongest points but also the shortcomings. Guberman-PMC, LLC offers you solutions and also a program of Training and Implementation.

  • Safety training – there is no company that can practice without a safety training. Each new employee must pass this training in order to start the job.

  • Risk Management – each project a company takes must be put under a risk management analysis. Daryl Guberman’s offers you an elaborate expertise over your projects. He can also give you opinions in reducing risks.

  • Data Recovery – nowadays the use of servers and hard drives as storage has become more often. Companies use technology in order to save space and time. If you need a file, you just have to use the search function of your computer and you can access the file anytime. But like any other thing than can go wrong, technology is not flawless. Daryl Guberman has the solution for data recovery and people who can teach and train your employee to protect their data.

  • Client representing in various audit and customer committees – Guberman-PMC, PPL ensures their clients that they will represent them in case of external audit and in case of various client committees. This service is past of Guberman-PMC, PPL’s value-added package.

  • Quality of process – business relies on processes. We talk about selling goods, producing them, distribution, all part of the circuit that makes a company run. Daryl Guberman’s company helps you define procedures for each process so everything stays in order.

  • Defining structures and responsibilities – a company should have a very well defined hierarchy. Through it, responsibilities are easier to delegate, and reporting is more efficient and less time consuming. Each employee should be instructed about his rights and duties in order to prevent future conflict.

  • Setting up goals – a company’s primary goal is to obtain profit. Without its customers the business is dead. That’s why Guberman-PMC, PPL helps in setting quality objectives in order for you to create a strong base of customers.

  • Feedback – one of the most important aspects of a product is the feedback it receives. With Daryl Guberman you can easily keep track of feedback. Depending on people’s choices you can improve you products. All this will keep your clients content and willing to purchase your products again.

  • Documentation quality – a company should have its own formularies – entry papers, accounting formularies, payment bills, delivery papers etc. This is how you keep track of supplies, products and distribution. Daryl Guberman’s company helps you maintain order in your documentation so there aren’t any loses or mismanagements.

Why should you hire Daryl Guberman and his company?

Quality Management System is an important part of a company’s Quality Policy. Daryl Guberman’s company makes sure that your business rises up to the standards. They are able to sample your products, check your services and help you improve.


Quality Certifications are valuable because they firmly state the product quality. Some products cannot even be manufactured without these Certifications. The best part at Daryl Guberman is that he covers a lot of areas of interest, some of them even considered as niche. This helps clients that have unique business and find hard to get certifications.


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