Scam Alert! ISO BENCH-MARK Found To Be Another IAF Propagandist Scam

The American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) has sent out a notice warning U.S. businesses about an India-based website promoting the infamous accreditation scheme of The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) found to be scamming U.S. businesses. An investigation showed the bogus “review” site known as is another IAF propagandist machine engaging in fraudulent business practices. The India-run website is hoodwinking U.S. businesses by making them believe they must use a certification body accredited by the swindling operation International Accreditation Forum (IAF) for all ISO certifications. IAF is under investigation for anti-competitive business practices, fraud, crony capitalism, and the misuse of federal funds.

ISOBench is operated by a known scammer hiding in India that goes by the alias “Mike Carlos”. He operates the ISOBenchmark/IAF scam out of a one bedroom apartment, pretending he’s some kind of “oversight” on the accreditation of ISO certifications. It is believed Mike Carlos works with known ISO scammer Christopher Mark Paris, owner of the bogus Florida operation Oxebridge Quality Resources.

ISOBench is scamming businesses in similar fashion to Oxebridge by attempting to discredit all competitors of the widely corrupt International Accreditation Forum, architects of the IAF Accreditation Scheme. The website makes ridiculous claims that “only certificates with an “MLA” status of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) deserve the highest level of confidence.” They are clearly paid propagandist of the IAF accreditation racket.

Fact Checking Claims and Misconceptions:

  • MYTH: ISOBench claims businesses must be recognized by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).
  • TRUTH: There are hundreds of accreditation bodies far superior than China-led IAF. Businesses have a choice to use the accreditation body of their choice, or no accreditation body at all if they so choose.

  • MYTH. ISOBench wants you to believe they are some kind of over-seer on “valid” and “invalid” certifications.
  • TRUTH: ISOBench is operated by an Indian scammer, most likely paid to discredit all competitors of IAF.

  • MYTH: ISOBench wants you to believe they are credible and an actual organization.
  • TRUTH: We could not find a single person to contact at ISOBench. There is no phone number, no e-mail address and no contact information whatsoever on their website. The person that runs ISO Bench-mark is hiding for a reason. They do not want their identify revealed. That’s a red flag for any business, and further proof of the IAF accreditation scam.

    ISOBench is operated by a “Mike Carlos” in India using the address D234, Heavenly Apartments, Mysore Karnataka 678987 India. See below…

    FINAL NOTES: is 100% without a doubt a scam and MUST be avoided at all costs. Do not be fooled by these propagandist machine for IAF deceiving businesses about accreditation bodies. Please share this information with other businesses to protect them from the illegal activities of and its cronies over at the International Accreditation Forum.

    Remember, You have a choice in Accreditation… you don’t need to use IAF


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