Report Invalid Certifications

ABAC oversees accreditation and certification bodies assuring integrity, competency, and fair competition in the quality community. We accredit certifications based on the fundamental principles of accountability, ethical conduct, and commitment to quality.

We ask the international business community to assist us in our mission to bring competency back to the quality community by reporting companies maintaining questionable certifications. Such certifications that are suspect include those issued by an unrecognized and/or bogus accreditation body (AB), certification body (CB) or registration company that fails to meet the quality standards set forth by the American Board of Accredited Certifications.

Please report to ABAC any company maintaining a questionable certification for ISO 9001:2008, AS9100-REVC, TS16949, ISO13485 or other quality certification that fails to meet the following guidelines:

  • Certifications must be accredited by an ABAC approved accreditation body. Please note ANAB® (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) is not a recognized accreditation body, and thus all certifications accredited by ANAB® is considered to be invalid.
    Learn why ANAB® is not accepted at:

  • All certifications accredited by IAF (International Accreditation Forum) or its signatories are considered by ABAC to be bogus accreditations because they are not recognized by the American Board of Accredited Certifications. IAF is a non-official accreditation body operating outside of the United States with an obvious relationship with ANAB®. Learn why IAF accredited certifications are not accepted:

  • ABAC is the only accreditation body with conformity assessment guidelines set forth to continuously improve the quality of American made products. Therefore, all ISO certified companies located in the United States must be certified by an American based certification body (CB) recognized by ABAC. Overseas certification bodies and/or accreditation bodies such as UKAS, IAF and other foreign AB’s obviously do not have the same interest as ABAC which is to increase the competitiveness of the US economy by improving the quality of domestic products. Therefore, ABAC requires ISO certified companies located in the United States to be registered and accredited domestically.

  • Certifications must be guaranteed to be accredited on the company’s certificate or website. ABAC does not accept certifications that don’t specifically state a guarantee of accreditation. This includes ISO 9001:2008, AS9100-REVC, TS16949, and ISO13485. Certifications that are “probably accredited” are considered invalid by ABAC and its global chapters. See accreditation myths to learn more about this guideline at

  • All companies claiming to be “ISO compliant” without a quality management system in place overseen by an ABAC recognized certification body (registrar) is not acceptable. The American Board of Accredited Certifications warns companies to beware of self certifications and/or suppliers claiming to be “ISO compliant” because there is no third party impartial oversight on the company’s quality system.

If you come across a certificate that lacks the above guidelines, or the company is advertising an outdated or expired quality certificate, please click the button below to report the company to the American Board of Accredited Certifications.