QFS CERTIFICATIONS LLP: Another IAF Certificate Mill Spams U.S. Businesses Promoting Fraudaulant Accreditation Scam

ABAC has received a formal complaint against an India based certificate mill known as QFS CERTIFICATIONS LLP. The bogus operation is attempting to scam U.S. businesses by forcing them into an anti-competitive accreditation scheme perpetrated by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). QFS is misleading U.S. businesses by claiming ISO certifications must be “recognized” by the infamous International Accreditation Forum (IAF). However, that accreditation myth has been debunked. Please do not allow your business to be scammed by these certificate mills.

QFS Certifications LLP is another ripoff certificate mill that wants you to believe you need to be part of the IAF scheme. They do this to force you into a business decision. Of course, all they really want is your money. Avoid them like the plague. Complaints of these IAF certificate mills from India are pouring into ABAC every day. Do not do business with any India certificate mill that is not accredited by ABAC or any other nationally recognized accreditation body in the United States.

India is a haven for IAF certificate mills, particularly through ones part of the JAS-ANZ scam. As many know, JAS-ANZ was created by IAF leadership to enable the seedy organization to sell low cost certifications to countries such as India, China and other low cost markets. In many cases these bogus certification operations have been caught issuing certificates to companies that do not even exist.

American businesses must be aware it’s always in their best interest to be accredited by a U.S. based accreditation body. You simply cannot get the same support from some overseas certificate mill that visits your facility once per year, takes your money, and runs back to India.

Here are some scam tactics certificate mills such as QFS Certifications LLP often use to bamboozle businesses:

1. These scammers will tell you to go to the website ISOBench.org to check if an accreditation body or certification body is so-called valid. However, ISOBench is a fraud and is currently under investigation. ISOBench was found to be owned and operated by a propagandist of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Do not believe anything you read on ISOBench website. It’s a total farce.

2. Another scam tactic used by certificate mills is they will warn you about other certification bodies that is not part of the IAF. They tell you this to make themselves appear to be “authentic.” However, if they are part of the IAF accreditation scheme, that’s the only red flag you need to know they are fraudulent.

3. One of the sneakiest scam tricks of bogus certificate operations is when they tell you to avoid independent accreditation bodies and attempt to force you hand in using an IAF certificate mill. Do not allow yourself to be forced into doing business with any particular certification body. You should always select the organization that can best meet your needs. Watch this video from a leading ISO consultant Daryl Guberman.

The bottom line is be very weary of any operation such as the India-based QFS Certifications LLP when seeking ISO certification. Any certification provider attempting to force your hand on accreditation of any kind is not an organization with your best interest in mind. All they want is your money. Call your Attorney General and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) when you are approached by such scammers.


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