Forestry Management Standard Monopoly
Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Under Investigation For Antitrust Violations; Collusion; Anti-Competitive Business Pracitces

Oxebridge Fake News WARNING!
Oxebridge Quality Resources has been reported to ABAC for publishing fake news intended to mislead businesses about ISO certification.

SpaceX Slaps Down Troubled Owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources
Christopher Paris, owner of of Oxebridge is no longer claiming to be associated with SpaceX. Overnight he removed all SpaceX related content from his bizzare website and Linkedin profile. SpaceX praised for taking action against Paris.

Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC) Under Investigation
Alleged Collusion Involving IAAC – Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation

ANAB™ Accreditation Scheme Under Scrutiny
ABAC™ Guarantees Accreditation While ANAB® Shockingly Offers A “Probably”

Bogus ISO Certification Bodies
ISO Certifications Myths and Scams Reported On CNN Broadcast

Questionable Pricing Practices in ISO Certification
The Corruption in ISO Certification Pricing and The Myth of ANAB® Accreditation