Kosher Certification KOSH 9009 2013

Required Supplement to All Kosher Certification Requirements: KOSH 9009:2013

KOSH 9009:2013 is the combination of Kosher Certification and and ISO certification, and is the world’s only quality-focused certification program following the ISO (International Standards Organization) methodologies per national and international requirements, and inclusive of Rabbinical Kashrut (Kosher) laws and quality of products in a myriad of industries both foreign, and domestic. KOSH 9009 is an ISO/Kosher certification that is being accepted worldwide by companies both in the manufacturing, agricultural, food & beverage processing, butchering, distribution, grocery (retail & wholesale), bakeries, breweries, wineries and restaurant establishments. KOSH-9009:2013 is an internationally recognized standard for quality-minded companies wishing to achieve both Kosher certification and ISO 9001 certification.

What does the KOSH-9009:2013 describe?

KOSH-9009:2013 certification provides systematic control of a company’s activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are met and the strictest adherence in supplementation to the Kashrut (Kosher) laws. Since the introduction of KOSH-9009:2013, changes have been implemented by companies to ensure the highest quality of products and services in the industry. All KOSH 9009 certifications must be accredited by the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) and the International Kosher Certification Supervisory Board. (IKCSB).

KOSH 9009:2013 Qualification and Achievement

KOSH-9009:2013 certification supports the ongoing commitment to internal and external quality, customer and supplier improvement. Achievement of the certification provides companies with added measurable assurance that is a more consistent and dependable supplement to Kashrut (Kosher) laws alone. All registration companies authorized to issue KOSH 9009 certifications are required to deliver value added to customers, assist to improve quality and service efficiency through constructive corrective actions, employee training and quality management improvement that will enhance the company’s Kashrut (Kosher) certification. The certification body (CB) is further required to provides continuous customer assistance with the support and guidance of its Board of Advisers against FDA requirements.

Confidentiality of KOSH-9009:2013

The confidentiality of KOSH-9009:2013 is only held between the registrar and the customer, and will not be made public in whole or part by any transmitted means including but not limited to, fax, email, snail mail, publication or other media or transmission. Due to the sensitivity nature of products produced and in compliance with all state, federal, government(S) and quality organizational requirements, KOSH-9009:2013 will not be a public domain document in reference to the certification body’s process.