CWOB Accreditation

CWOB 9009:2013 is a quality certification program specifically for Woman-Owned Businesses following the ISO (International Standards Organization) methodologies. CWOB 9009 is a standard developed by the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) to support the quality management system (QMS) of businesses owned by women involved in the fields of manufacturing, import/export, consultation, retail, wholesale, food establishments, hospitality, real estate, advertising, financial, legal services and other sectors. The CWOB 9009 program is designed to help qualifying woman-owned firms develop and/or improve their quality management systems in order to qualify for ISO 9001 Certification. In addition to quality management guidance, CWOB 9009 offers a variety of business development solutions. Below are some commonly asked questions about MWOB 9009.

What are the benefits of CWOB 9009 certification?

Some woman owned businesses in the United States are presumed to be disadvantaged in various industries that are traditionally dominated by males. These industries include manufacturing, fabrication, construction, engineering, industrial supply, business consultation, aerospace, firearms, and numerous other industries. CWOB 9009 was developed to provide affordable business development assistance, specifically in quality management to help woman-owned business compete in the marketplace. CWOB 9009 completely prepares businesses for ISO 9001 Certification, as well as industry specific certifications such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), AS 9001 Rev C (Aerospace), ISO 13485 (Medical), TS 16949 (Automotive), and SQF 2000 (Safe Quality Food).

What is the difference between third-party certification and government certification?

Third party certification is geared to the private sector. CWOB 9009 is a third-party certification, denoting that an independent entity other than the vendor business owner or the corporate purchasing entity is ensuring that the business is in fact woman-owned and controlled. Moreover, CWOB 9009 does more than just certify your business as woman owned. As an CWOB 9009 certified business you’ll receive ongoing support with your quality management needs, business development, employee training, marketing, public relations and managerial guidance.

How does CWOB 9009 compare to ISO 9001?

CWOB 9009 thoroughly prepares woman-owned businesses for ISO 9001 and other quality certification programs. Businesses certified to CWOB 9009 standards automatically quality for ISO 9001:2008 and may also quality for additional certification programs depending on the company’s industry, documentation, and needs for one-to-one counseling, training workshops, and management and technical guidance.

Do we need CWOB 9009 if we are already ISO 9001 certified?

Woman-owned businesses that are already ISO 9001 certified will find many advantages to being CWOB 9009 certified. The certification body issuing CWOB 9009 to your business is under obligation as required by the American Board of Accredited Certifications to provide business development support, technical assistance as well as resources on business networking and promotion opportunities to further help your woman-owned business complete successfully in the marketplace.

Is CWOB 9009 accredited?

Yes. CWOB 9009 is accredited by the American Board of Accredited Certifications as well as Industrial Leaders Group (ILG), and is internationally recognized by the Global Quality Assurance Council which has signatories, regional accreditation groups, and observer organizations worldwide. CWOB 9009 accreditation is guaranteed.

Which registrars are authorized to issue CWOB 9009 certifications?

CWOB 9009 certificates can only be issued by a registration company accredited by the American Board of Accredited Certifications or equivalent. There are currently 9 registrars (certification bodies) authorized to issue CWOB 9009 certifications. All authentic CWOB 9009 certificates will have the ABAC trademark and CWOB 9009 Seal.