Is your ISO certificate guaranteed to be accredited? If your certificate was issued by a registrar (CB) accredited by the American National Accreditation Board (ANAB®), the answer to this question is there is no guarantee. On the ANAB® website at there is a direct quote that states the following:


What does ANAB® mean by “probably accredited?” Probably guarantees nothing, and therefore unfortunately any company issued a certificate by a certification body accredited by ANAB® has a serious dilemma. The company’s quality of their products, system functionality in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and other industries is highly doubtful because their certificate is considered “probably yes” by ANAB®. If you are unsure, please look at your certificate, if you see it has an ANAB® insignia, then you have a problem because your certification is not recognized by American Board of Accredited Certifications ABAC and its international chapters, affiliates, trade associations and customers. ABAC guarantees accreditation while ANAB® only offers a “probably”. This is the case whether you have an ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 Rev C, ISO 13485, TS 16949 or other quality systems certification.

ANAB® is Not The “Official” Accreditation Body

Please take a look at the Accreditation Myths section here on ABAC. It’s important you understand the myths, lies and deceptive practices involving accreditation. So makes a certificate official or not official? Well despite ANAB® claiming or implying they are the only official accreditation body in the United States, that is untrue. There are indeed a number of reputable accreditation bodies such as ILG, ABAC, DNMM and many others that actually guarantees your certificate to be accredited.

Misleading Claims From ANAB®

ANAB® has been reported to the American Board of Accredited Certificates for making misleading claims of being the only accreditation body which is simply not true. Such claims is nothing more but an attempt to discredit companies accredited by other organizations. The following is a direct quote once found on the ANAB® website but has since been suspiciously removed by the organization:


The ANAB® and IAF Deception

ANAB® says its “overseen” by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). However, The Vice President of ANAB® sits as the President and Chairman of IAF. Conflict of interest? Fox watching the henhouse? The point is companies are falling victim to this “overseeing” nonsense boasted by ANAB®, IAF and several sub tier organizations that are affiliated with them. The scheme is simple, ANAB® would refer non-ANAB® affiliated certification bodies to The International Accreditation Federation (IAF) and inform such organizations if it’s not recognized by ANAB®, then it’s not official. What is important for companies to understand is there is no single accreditation body or registrar that’s more official than another. The official ploy is used by auditors, consultants and registrars (CB’s) to discredit competitive certification bodies that have decided to not be ANAB® accredited in order to better serve their customers.