Accreditation Scam: Oxebridge, Chris Paris, Offshore ISO Certification Scams

The American Board of Accredited Certifications has received numerous complaints about a Chris Paris, owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources International pushing his bogus accreditation scheme. It’s a siren’s song that Chris Paris of Oxebridge sings. It’s a melody of deceit and eventual destruction sang for the good of the puppet masters who would wish to keep the light of day from singeing their pallid faces, long obscured in the shadows of sordid scandal. It couldn’t be more obvious, yet the sheeple sleep. Or, to continue the analogy, the masses, intoxicated by song on Paris’ lips, sail their ships straight into the abyss of his puppet masters.

Who pulls his strings? The ISO/IAF/ANAB cartel, is who, this never-ending web of organizations contrived to maintain a strangle hold on the world’s quality certification specialists and by extension, the international economy. How conveniently the slander Paris spits always stings the eyes of their enemies and never threatens their allies. How conveniently he slips past any legal repercussions or reprisals from his libelous remarks as if he were protected. How convenient it is that he has what seems to be an endless amount of time to meticulously cut down the enemies of his masters, one by one with his words.

Life in his Peruvian villa must be leisurely to have so much time to cry out from his platform of destruction. He can cry out all he likes, though. In the end, all the noise he could ever make won’t drown out the voice of truth calling out the sins of his fathers.

If it weren’t so obvious who was paying Chris Paris’ bills, you’d think he had just made a hobby of trolling the quality world. Day after day, he pumps out half thought out, self-righteous drivel aimed at any and everyone who would ever question the validity of the ISO and its affiliates.

His favorite whipping post by far, though, is that of G-PMC CEO, Daryl Guberman, arguably the leading voice against the ISO’s corrupt world monopoly (again, how convenient.) Guberman has, for a long time, been a love voice of reason in the sector, pointing out the litany of glaring inconsistencies and obvious conflicts of interest within these organizations and in doing so, has repeatedly suffered the ire of Chris Paris’ virulent rants.

Randy Doughtery, Vice President of ANAB, denies any connection with Paris. In a correspondence with Guberman dating back to 2014, he described Paris’ role in the accreditation community as “self-ordained,” but went on to admit a great level of respect and admiration for him. “So we here at ANAB take very seriously any complaint that he files because we know it will be based on a good knowledge of the standards and requirements,” he went on. It only makes sense, Doughtery take this position. Not only does he need to keep his distance from his mouthpiece; he also needs to ensure said mouthpiece maintains his credibility. Again, convenient.

But Guberman’s voice is starting to cut through the noise. The monopoly will unravel. More than ever before, Doughtery and his cronies need Paris’ shrill song to drown out the reason, to cover over their multitude of sins they are hoping go unnoticed. Particularly, Doughtery needs someone to distract the masses from the fact that he sat as Vice President of ANAB and President of the IAF simultaneously. How does one pull off that sort of double play in broad daylight? Perhaps, with a big enough bullhorn, you can distract from just about anything.

Chris Paris at Oxebridge Press and his ‘siren song’ of destruction he bellows out from his Peruvian villa to distract from the endless scandal in which the Quality Cartel Monopoly has been embroiled. It’s more than just the unbalanced power and obvious collusion between Paris and the establishment that he’s trying to cover over, though. Those transgressions are barely the tip of the iceberg.

In the midst of all of this posturing and deception discussed in the previous post, the actual quality assurance from these organizations has become an absolute joke. This quality monopoly cartel is really just a string of organizations formed in such a way to confuse and confound the average business supplying to aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial & even service industries. Truly, confusion is the only thing at which this quality hierarchy is effective. Just consider the unending list of problems found with the latest generation of American fighter jets back in 2013.

When surveying the project, the Pentagon’s Inspector General concluded that “prime contractor Lockheed Martin . . . ‘did not follow disciplined AS9100 Quality Management System practices,’ citing 363 findings, which documented 719 issues that could ‘adversely affect aircraft performance, reliability, maintainability, and ultimately cost.’”

Go back and read that again. 363 findings that documented 719 issues that could adversely affect our military defense. How is this connected? Well, remember who currently holds the monopoly on quality assurance in aerospace and related fields? You guessed it; the ISO/IAF/ANAB Cartel. Here’s the best part: Lockheed Martin is actually a voting member of the IAF. That’s right; the company that just botched up the latest generation of American fighter jets has a say in the quality control of companies around the world. But Lockheed’s not going anywhere. No, not with the buckets of money they dump on Congress every year.

Speaking of Lockheed Martin’s place with the IAF, you’re going to want to stick around for this . . .

Guberman looked into the IAF’s 2014 tax report and noticed something rather odd: two of the sitting board members were representatives from China and Veitnam, both communist countries, the former of which has been known to be repeatedly hacking into U.S. Government secrets. Not exactly the most trustworthy of nations to be in bed with in general, but when you consider the further implications, the situation becomes ominous. They’re sitting on a board that is both connected with and oversees Lockheed Martin’s supposed quality adherence.

China, the nation that is by far, our number one threat, a nation that has been known to hack into our systems and steal our secrets has access to our biggest defense contractor, the company that makes all of that amazing shit that keeps us secure. In fact, China hasn’t just hacked into our defense systems; they’ve gone after Lockheed as well. Yet, Lockheed Martin sits comfortably within an organization that includes representatives from a hostile nation on their board. It’s ok, though. As long as Chris Paris keeps screaming that siren song, no one will notice what’s going on with the big man behind the curtain. Look away; pay no attention. Chris Paris is singing.

Obviously, the entire system promoted by Oxebridge-ANAB-IAF is a a disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking of a quagmire at best and a scandalous breach of our freedom and security at worst. If this is how the quality control industry currently works, it’s no wonder Guberman has opted out and forged his own path. Someone has to be the voice of reason, a counter-balance to the glaring absurdities in this broken system. That someone is Guberman.


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