The American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) was founded by a group of quality professionals in 2003 with roots dating back to 1993. Today, ABAC is the leading independent accreditation board in the United States with association members, signatories, regional accreditation groups, and international observer organizations. With corporate headquarters on Madison Avenue, New York City, ABAC was created out of necessity to bring an independent oversight impartial of numerous so-called “official” accreditation boards such as ANABĀ®, International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and their subsidiaries. ABAC oversees accreditation and certification bodies assuring integrity, competency, and fair competition in the quality community. ABAC accredits certifications based on the fundamental principles of accountability, ethical conduct, and commitment to quality.

ABAC is the only independent accreditation board in the United States overseeing the advanced implementation of specialized quality management certifications in the fields of manufacturing, machining, Kosher, armoring, modular, automotive, medical, agricultural, IT services, and numerous other industries. ABAC accredits certifications issued by registrars meeting the guidelines and policies set forth by the Industrial Leaders Group and overseen by ABAC Board of Advisers which has over 180 years of combined experience in the quality community.